We produce advertising gadgets, which are distinguished by aesthetics and very good workmanship. One of our proposals are advertising earphones with your logo. These can be phones or a set with a microphone.


sluchawki z logo

  • minimum order quantity: 300 pcs;
  • individual, personalized project;
  • frequency: 20Hz-20KHz;
  • material: ABS;
  • cable length: 120 cm;
  • Connector: 3.5mm;
  • Impedance: 32Ω +/-15%;
  • warranty for electronic parts 12 months;


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słuchawki douszne z logo
słuchawki douszne z logo




  • minimum order quantity: 1000 pcs;
  • printed logo and individual box;
  • frequency: 10Hz-22KHz;
  • wersja Bluetooth: 5.0;
  • Chipset: Realtek 8763B (Auto-Pair);
  • Headset battery type: Lithium-ion polymer  (3.7V, 55mAh);
  • Charging case battery: 750mAh;
  • Ear bud battery life: Up to 6 hours play time;
  • Charging time: <2 hours
  • warranty for electronic parts 12 months;




słuchawki bluetooth słuchawki bluetooth3
słuchawki bluetooth4 słuchawki bluetooth5 słuchawki bluetooth6


Undoubtedly one of the best ways to promote a company is to give the client a functional gadget – with a logo displayed. Advertising gadgets will certainly improve the company’s image, will make it stand out among the competition and, above all, will allow you to gain new customers. The combination of advertising and functional electronic equipment will undoubtedly give you full guarantees of success in business – that’s why we offer you the performance of advertising headphones, which are perfect for the role of a gift for the customer.

Our advertising earphones are made of the highest quality materials. We have a wide range of colors and approach each project individually. Advertising headphones in the form of a logo or a company symbol will surely make it possible to stand out from the competition. It is an extremely functional gadget – it will surely arouse interest also among outsiders. Advertising headphones are a great way to promote your business. Gifts and promotional gifts play an increasingly important role in building positive relationships between the company and the customer. When the traditional form of advertising – whether on television or on the Internet – slowly starts to fail – business gifts have enormous potential – their individual character allows you to build valuable, direct relationships.

In addition to the high quality of our advertising headphones – we provide a handy case for them – along with an elegant marking, this gadget will be presented professionally and exclusively. It is also possible to make a headset for most cell phone models.

By choosing our product you will take care of the client’s well-being – business gifts build the customer’s conviction about his unique position. Handing out gadgets – in this case headphones will make the customer become a company advertisement. The potential of business gifts is huge and undoubtedly one of the most accurate forms of promotion – so give your customers something special!


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