We produce electroluminescent labels, which enchant with their operation and electroluminescent labelsperformance. Based on the original labels, we design shining stickers. The product can be waterproof. It is powered by batteries or AC adapter.

– minimum order quantity: 50 pcs
– working voltage: 30-250VAC
– working frequency: 50~5000Hz
– working temperature: -50℃~60℃


Unusual advertising campaign, posters, flyers, TV ads have a huge impact on the success of the business. It should also take care how the product looks (we’re good eyesight). If innovative packaging will attract the attention of customers – is already half of the battle. One of the important elements of marketing is suitable label affixed to the product. Well constructed will encourage consumers to buy. In addition to the appearance of the labels are also important information contained therein. Perfectly also check here placed on the catchy, easy to remember password – that will be associated only just with this product. The label must also bear the website address or email address – in modern marketing is a priority.

The rapid development of technology has meant that advertising and technology have become almost the inseparable. The phenomenon of electroluminescence captured the advertising market. In addition to posters or stickers they became popular electroluminescent labels. The process of electroluminescence is a unique ability to emit light. This solution is economical as well as ecological – generates for low energy costs. Electroluminescent labels are innovative and effective form of advertising – draw the attention of consumers, the brand becomes more recognizable. It is identified with exclusive products, worth a purchase. What are the other benefits of this form of promotion? Electroluminescent labels are energy efficient, operating costs are low, do not produce heat, are flat and flexible (you can use them on different levels – bottles, boxes, etc.). Electroluminescent labels are made of high quality materials, connected to one cable is invisible. Certainly they prove themselves as a promotion for example. Luxury alcoholic beverages – it will not only advertising, but also the decoration of the club or pub. Glowing in the dark – attract the attention of customers, you only need to select the appropriate appearance of the label to a group of people for whom the product is intended.


Electroluminescent labels are an attractive medium of communication, certainly distinguish among those represented by the competition. Their above-mentioned advantages will undoubtedly contribute to sales growth of promoted products – and the labels placed on them – will become an innovative gadget.

Author: Krati.eu
Date: March 28, 2016, 12:07 pm