We produce electroluminescent posters, which contains very thin and flexible structure. electroluminescent postersBased on the graphic provided by the client, we design shining poster. The product can be waterproof. It is powered by AC adapter.

– minimum order quantity: 20 pcs
– working voltage: 30-250VAC
– working frequency: 50~5000Hz
– working temperature: -50℃~60℃
– thickness: 5 mm
– life time: >8000h

In the past, each of us or friends certainly hung on the walls of his room posters – stars, teams, athletes. In this way, unknowingly we advertised a person – with her image yet met anyone who has visited us. The poster is the oldest form of advertising, its origin dates back to the sixteenth century – when Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses on the reformation of the church. Posters have become the most common form of advertising, inform us of any cultural events, political, advertise services (private companies, tourist services, etc.). The development of technology has made advertising posters take on a new dimension. Speech flyers electroluminescent. What is the phenomenon of electroluminescence?

Electroluminescence is to place fotosforowej layer between two conductive layers. When the device is connected to the mains – the atoms contained in the layer of phosphor – begin to glow. Advertising posters great fit with the above-mentioned phenomenon. What’s more – electroluminescence generates very low energy costs.

Glowing electroluminescent posters have many advantages. They are primarily an innovative form of advertising, which draw the attention of many people – thanks to this brand will become much more recognizable. Another advantage is that the images included on the poster can be in any sequence animated – so, so there will be another, boring form of advertising. Posters electroluminescent not produce heat; They can be placed both indoors and outdoors. In addition, they are flexible and flat – can thus born on different levels – according to customer preferences. Posters electroluminescent also characterized by small operating costs. Thanks to its energy efficiency are also organic products. They are made of high quality material – certainly distinguish themselves from the competition.

Probably electroluminescent posters will pay attention, in the minds of potential customers consolidate the image of your product. This product will definitely gain an advantage over many a static advertising is an attractive medium of communication. Electroluminescent poster with a catchy slogan for a brand – is a guarantee for success, this innovative solution will certainly be noticed by many people.

Author: Krati.eu
Date: March 28, 2016, 12:07 pm