Custom power banks we produce on request.
We can make any shape. The price depends on the shape and quantity, which is why we offer a free design and quote.

custom promotional power banks
our custom power banks

– minimum order: 300 pieces
– possible battery: 2000 mAh, 4000 mAh, 6000 mAh
– input: microUSB 5V – 1A
– output: USB 5V – 1A
– material: PVC or metal

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power bank custom design power bank custom design power bank custom design
power bank custom design

power bank custom design

power bank custom design

On the European market, the Power Bank is fairly new gadget. What is the Power Bank? How does this device work? This gadget acts as a portable charger, which is why it is called – a bank of energy. Dimensions of the object can remind everyone already popular smartphone. Thanks to its small size, this device can be taken anywhere and can always be nearby. The gadget contains built in lithium-ion or lithium-polymer battery – they are available in smartphones – and at the same time have a much greater capacity. The device can charge for example during the trip – if necessary – hook it up to your electronic device (phone or tablet) – and it will give the power wherever we are. What is the operating principle of the gadget mentioned above? Using the device is very easy – the device is loaded just like a phone – then wherever we take it – if necessary, connect the Power Bank to the phone (device recharges it, replace the electrical outlet). With this portable charger can be confident about the state of the battery of our smartphone or tablet.

Certainly the Power Bank wonderful find themselves in the role of promotional gadgets to promote the enterprise. Promotional Power Banks are an innovative device, useful, undoubtedly stands out among other business gifts. The original design will attract the attention of others – not just gifted customers – the company logo included on the device will become more recognizable. Custom Power Banks are an effective way to promote themselves by the company. Guarantee is also true that with these gadgets regular customers will continue business cooperation, because the company will be seen in very positive way. Unlike normal leaflets or lanyard for keys – promotional Power Bank will be glad advertising for the group of clients. This form of advertising is not perceived as intrusive, and presented the gadget as it is useful. Promotional custom Power Banks will work in many places – both at school and at work, while traveling by any means of transport during various trips and events – a brand featured on the device will certainly become more recognizable, reach more customers. It should also match the design of the device depending on what group of people (adults, children, adolescents, etc.) the company wants to reach. Nowadays combination of modern technology and advertising guarantees a success – so it is worth investing in these gadgets that not only are a form of promoting, but also will frequently used by potential customers.

Date: March 28, 2016, 12:07 pm